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Paramus Criminal Defense Lawyer

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Criminal charges are a serious matter. Regardless of whether it's a misdemeanor or a felony, there are potential consequences that can affect you for the rest of your life. Even speeding tickets and similar traffic violations should be taken seriously and handled with an eye toward the future. Regardless of how big or small the criminal charges may seem, the first thing you should do is speak to an attorney.

The Mecca Law Firm does not discriminate based on race, gender, sexual identity, culture or religion.

We at The Mecca Law Firm have built a solid reputation in the New Jersey court system based on integrity and our ability to foster long-term professional relationships. Our lawyers spent many years as practicing criminal defense attorneys in Bergen County before taking positions as judges — Joseph served as a municipal court judge in Bergen County, and Daniel served as a Bergen County juvenile court judge before accepting a position as a Superior Court judge. This combined experience has provided us with a unique body of knowledge, experience and resources to draw on when representing criminal defense cases, including:

  • Theft and shoplifting
  • Juvenile criminal defense
  • Driving under the influence (DUI)
  • Traffic violations
  • Drug possession charges, including those for illegal narcotics
  • Expungement

Our Paramus criminal defense attorneys will listen to your concerns, examine the charges, explain the issues and their potential consequences, and work with you to try and achieve a positive outcome.

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