Protecting Your Rights In Probate And Estate Administration

The death of a family member creates a maze of legal and financial matters that must be navigated with care. With an experienced probate and estate administration lawyer on your side, you can be confident that you are making the right decisions and that your rights are protected throughout the process.

At The Mecca Law Firm in Paramus, New Jersey, we handle complex probate and estate administration matters for individuals and families throughout northern New Jersey. We are here to take the stress and complexity of probate off of your shoulders.

Navigating A Complex Process

Some of the key matters that must be attended to after the death of a loved one include:

  • Identifying and valuing estate assets
  • Paying creditors to the estate
  • Collecting debts owed to the estate
  • Distributing estate assets in accordance with a last will and testament

Without skilled legal guidance, you may lose access to estate assets that should be yours. You may get entangled in family estate disputes that may otherwise have been easily avoided. Our lawyers have been representing New Jersey families since 1987 and know how to help you avoid the pitfalls commonly associated with the probate and estate administration process.

We represent anyone with interest in an estate in New Jersey, whether they live here in Bergen County or elsewhere in the United States or across the world. Whether you are an heir, beneficiary, executor, personal representative, trustee or have a legal or financial relationship to the decedent of any kind, we are here to protect your rights and interests.

Speak With An Experienced Probate Attorney

You don’t have to face the complex legal process alone. To learn how our lawyers can help you navigate probate and estate administration in New Jersey, contact us online or by telephone at 201-584-7388.